House Plans
for Post-Katrina Construction

Edited by Henry H. Mitchell.

Designed for the Katrina Environment: Katrina Cottages

Katrina Cottages Katrina Cottage Living Room

Katrina Cottage Square: 308 square-foot and 544 square-foot Lowe's house kits; and a Katrina Cottage living room (photos by Cusato Cottages).


Katrina Cottages by Marianne Cusato

Adaptable to the Katrina Environment: Panel Construction

Katrina Cottages

Florida Cracker - inspired Katrina Cottage from Home Front Homes, Inc. (photo provided by

New Panel Homes

Home Front Homes, Inc.

Harbinger by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

“Harbinger,” a 490-square-foot house (photo by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company).

Useful for the Katrina-type Environment: Miniatures, Modulars

Magnolia Mound, West Elevation

Magnolia Mound, West Elevation

E. L. Roberts and Co.: Illustrated Millwork Catalog (Dover Publications)

Roberts' Illustrated Millwork Catalog, E. L. Roberts & Co., 1903, representative of many printed sources of authentic historical design data linked at left.

Owen Biddle: Biddle's Young Carpenter's Assistant (Dover Publications)

Biddle's Young Carpenter's Assistant, 1805, offered direction in Georgian, Federal, Classical Revival, and Greek Revival construction.

William H. Ranlett: Early Victorian House Designs (Dover Publications)

William H. Ranlett's Early Victorian House Designs, 1847, provided examples of Gothic Revival, French, Swiss, Italian Villa, and Italianate styles.

Montgomery Ward and Co.'s Wardway Homes: Bungalows and Cottages 1925 (Dover Publications)

Montgomery Ward & Co.'s Wardway Homes: Bungalows and Cottages 1925, provided floor plans and illustrations of American Foursquare, Homestead House, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Dutch Colonial Revival styles.

Authentic Historical Designs

From the Library of Congress:
Historic American Buildings Survey

From Original Pattern Books

Proposal for Floating-House Design

Conventional Designs

Vaughan's Home Design


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