Edited by Henry H. Mitchell.

(June 4, 2000 – September 24, 2012)

Lap Kitty

Lap Dandy

“I'm just a lap kitty.”

And Proud Of It

Lap Dandy 2

“And that's a good kind of kitty to be!”

Reading in Bed

Dandy reading in bed

“It's good for the mind.”

The Chair Man

Dandy with pants

“Now I guess we know who wears the pants in THIS family!”

The World At My Paws

Dandy, UPS, and Garfield

“And thoughts of my hero between my ears.”

The Dandy Files

Dandy with files

“Purrrivate eye, will travel!”

Ready, camera, action!

Dandy with camera, atop scanner

“Here's looking at you, babe!”

Ever onward, upward!

Dandy on the banister rail

“But I think I'll pause right here for a few minutes.”


Dandy on the shelf

“I'm creating a niche for myself in the literary world!”

Bridgework 1

Dandy and Jonathan Mitchell

“While Jonathan works, I can just relax.”

Bridgework 2

Dandy and Jonathan Mitchell

“Do you have a problem with that?”

Tweety Bird Visits

Tweety Bird Visits

“Sweep tight, widdle puddy tat!?”

A pensive portrait


“There are so many possibilities to consider . . . ”

Just sittin' around


“Oh, hi! I didn't notice you there for a minute.”

Grammar class

Patricia and Jonathan Mitchell, and Dandy

“I can diagram sentences with my eyes shut!”

Financial management


“Explain it to me one more time: how do I balance this thing?”

Posed and poised


“Who is that snapping those fingers at me, anyway?”

Christmas basket

Dandy and Sassy

“This year we're Santa's best!”

Sibling sentiment

Dandy and Sassy

“I really do love my sister Sassy.”

“I believe…”


“…I can fly!”

“Hey, guys!”


“Doesn't anybody want to help me play with this string?”

Sister Sassy is bigger

Dandy and Sassy

In the beginning, sister Sassy was much larger than Dandy.

Dandy weather


Dandy checks Today's weather.

Dandy visits Rockefeller Center


Little Dandy gets a close look at big Al Roker.

First nap in his new home


Dandy discovers his new mommy's pillow.

The adoption is arranged

David Mitchell and Dandy

Dandy isn't even a handful for David Mitchell.

Similar Sibling

Sarah Mitchell and kittens

Sarah Mitchell holds Dandy (right) and his brother.

The little guy in front

Dandy and brother

Dandy steps out front to get our attention.

Dandy's mother Minnie


It is evident that Minnie gave Dandy his coat.

Dandy came to live at the Mitchell house after we searched long and hard to find a replacement for our 20-year-old Honeysucker, who died at Easter 2000. We knew we wanted a healthy, furry, friendly, and communicative kitten, but we looked at many purebred and mixed longhair kittens over a several-week period without choosing one.

Ned Richardson

Finally we called Ned Richardson, veteran host of “The Trading Post” on WBTM 1330 radio in Danville, Virginia. Ned is a well-known cat-lover, whose winter weather prognostications are typically, “It's going to be cold tonight, so we'll have to throw on another cat!” Ned took Henry's kitten specs on the air, and within five minutes Patricia received a call from Dee Gochenour of Danville, who reported having taken in a stray longhair, “Minnie,” who was apparently going to deliver kittens soon.

The blessed arrival occurred on June 4, 2000. Six weeks later, the babies were ready to go, so we went for a look. There were two tiny red tabby boys, and three large calico girls. We settled on one of the boys. His eyes followed us everywhere, he shuddered all over when we picked him up, and he had the loudest purr ever heard in such a small cat! He was such a dandy kitten that we dubbed him “Dandylion.” His largest sister also won our hearts, and so we took her, too, calling her “Sassyfras.”

Our heartfelt thanks go to Dee and Eddie Gochenour for raising such healthy, responsive little cats!

A Salute


Dandylion's last photo, taken as he enjoyed a favorite sunbeam spot on September 20, 2012.

After an extraordinary life of entertainment and affection, Dandy passed away on September 24, 2012. He was the last member of his birth family, his mother Minnie and his last calico sister having both died a few months earlier.

Photo of Ned Richardson provided by WBTM Radio.

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