Architect David Spicuzza
Joins The Community Standard Staff

By Henry Mitchell, Editor, January 1975.

David M. Spicuzza

David M. Spicuzza is joining our staff for this first issue of 1975 as contributing editor of historical, architectural, and environmental topics in a feature entitled “Milieu.”

David, a native of New Orleans, is currently practicing architecture in the French Quarter. He has been involved with his profession for the past sixteen years. In addition to being an architect, he is also a talented playwright, composer, artist, writer and poet — areas which he feels are closely related to each other and to architecture.

Explaining why he has so many different interests and projects, David states, “All of a sudden I realized it was going to take more than one lifetime to get it all done. I haven't slept much since.”

The Community Standard hopes that you will enjoy David's unique and romantic narrative of the Vieux Carré milieu. We believe that his sincere appreciation and love of New Orleans will strike a respondent chord with our readers, all of whom share a special feeling about this living community we call the French Quarter — a feeling well-expressed in the following verse from one of David's songs:

Carry me down Decatur Street
Olympia Brass Band, shufflin' feet
Past the Mornin' Call
Where the coffee drinkers
Sit 'n' stare 'n' wonder
Who that poor boy was
That's comin' home to rest.