Photos of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

By Henry H. Mitchell.

The following photos of Bay St. Louis were taken during the passing of Tropical Storm Cindy on July 5, 2005. Due to the extreme destruction of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005, these images quickly became “nostalgic.”

Bay St. Louis

A quiet residential street.

Jimmy Rutherford Fishing Pier

The Jimmy Rutherford Fishing Pier.

Live Oak at Bay St. Louis

One of Bay St. Louis' many Live Oaks, laden with Spanish moss, stands at the corner of North Beach Boulevard and Ulman Avenue.

Naval Battle of Bay St. Louis Historical Marker

Naval Battle of Bay St. Louis Historical Marker:

“On Dec. 14, 1814, five U. S. gunboats fired on a British fleet entering Lake Borgne. Their action was the last naval defense of the U. S. before the victory of General Andrew Jackson at New Orleans.”

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