Photos of
Seagrove, North Carolina

By Henry H. Mitchell.

Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery

A vase with crystalline glaze, at Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery in Seagrove, North Carolina (9/06).

Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery

Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery, at 112 East Avenue (9/06).

Turn and Burn Pottery

Pottery on display at Turn and Burn Pottery (9/06).

Turn and Burn Pottery

Turn and Burn Pottery, at 100 North Main Street (9/06).

Seagrove Pottery

Seagrove Pottery, at 106 North Broad Street (9/06).

Lantern Hill Pottery

Lantern Hill Pottery, at 110 East Avenue (9/06).


A Seagrove resident kicks up her heels (10/06).

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