Leaning Giants:
Live Oaks of the Maritime Forest

By Henry H. Mitchell, December 2008.

Live Oaks at Myrtle Beach

Live Oaks, from beneath their canopy, at the picnic and playground area, Myrtle Beach State Park.

Live Oaks at Myrtle Beach

View of the Live Oak canopy from the ocean side.

Majestic Live Oaks (Quercus virginiana), remnants of the once-vast maritime forest, tower over the picnic and playground area at Myrtle Beach State Park. From the beneath the oak canopy, one notices that most of the trunks lean significantly away from the ocean, testimony to shaping by wind and storms.

From outside the grove of trees, the crowns form a smoothly-sculpted and visually rhythmical mass.

In many locations along the coast from Virginia to Texas, Live Oaks are bearded with Spanish Moss, but not here at Myrtle Beach State Park.

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