Loch Ness Monster in Midway Swash?
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Henry H. Mitchell, January 15, 2009.
Sinusoidal Water Flow in Midway Swash

Flow of Midway Swash is from left to right. Here, just a few feet from the ocean, a noisy “serpent” of water has formed.

On this cold but calm day, I was surprised to find that Midway Swash was gurgling like a mountain stream as it approached the ocean. On closer inspection, I noticed that a “writhing serpent” of water had formed at the swash's deepest channel, and this was the source of the noise.

The underlying sand had formed a washboard surface, in a sine-wave pattern. The size of the wave is probably determined by the size of the grains of sand at the bottom of the swash, but as I am not a hydrologist I cannot say that with certainty! The channeled water was leaping over the washboard in a sequential series of arches, as if a long sea monster were racing from inland toward the open ocean water.

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