Mirror, Mirror, on the Beach

By Henry H. Mitchell, February 6, 2009.
Reflections on Myrtle Beach's Sand

Mirror, mirror, on the beach,
Light, water — a marvel, each!

Just after noon on this cold day the sky color and the wind off the Atlantic were both razor-sharp. The tide was rapidly receding across the barely-sloped beach immediately to the south of Springmaid Pier. This combination of factors created a zone of water-saturated sand which was brilliantly reflective.

I was reminded of many artists' usage of reflections on wet pavement to intensify the light, color, and compositions within their cityscapes of Paris, New York, Charleston, New Orleans, and other captivating locales. Most of those creations rely on skies darkened either by nightfall or dense clouds, so that the light remaining appears in sharply-contrasting points and reflected lines. Today the intense blue of the sky made darkness unnecessary for effect.

My current favorite of my own Myrtle Beach photographic images utilizing reflections was taken near this same location, but facing south rather than north, and after sunset rather than at midday. (See the first image in this article.)

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