Millicent Mallard of Myrtle Beach

By Henry H. Mitchell, November 2010.

Millicent Mallard of Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach's Millicent Mallard.

Meeting Millicent

When we first met Millicent, we were a bit startled. Never before had we seen Mallard ducks on the oceanfront in Myrtle Beach, much less a LONE duck purposefully WALKING along the beach, with no shyness whatever, greeting all the sunbathers and swimmers. She strode along, checking all tidal pools as she went, as well as pilings and pools under a pier, always looking for a snack, and only cautious of (and flying to escape) overly rambunctious dogs. We learned that she is a familiar sight along Myrtle Beach's sandy stretches and on fishing piers.

Her identifying mark is a missing web on her left foot, but if it is the result of traumatic injury, there is no further evidence of it in her movements. However, in all our numerous visits with Millicent, we have never heard her quack. Her silence adds to her air of tranquility and good humor.

We have only seen her with other ducks twice, and on those occasions she was in a tidal creek, leading those other ducks toward the ocean. They followed her to within sight of the waves, then turned back. Her tour-guide efforts failed to win their confidence on the beach itself. There she comfortably mingles with gulls, terns, pelicans, egrets, and sandpipers.

Her extraordinarily gregarious nature has allowed her to become a tireless promoter of tourism for Myrtle Beach. And, yes, she seems to know her name.

Videos of Millicent

See Millicent in these videos from YouTube: