Photos of
Christiansburg, Virginia

By Henry H. Mitchell, February 1, 2006.

West Main Street

Looking westward at the south side of West Main Street.

Old Sowder Hotel

The Italianate-style Sowder building, a late-1800's hotel currently utilized by New River Community Action, stands on South Franklin, just off Main Street.

Staircase at Sowder Hotel

The rear staircase at the old Sowder building.

War Memorial

Memorial to local citizens who died in World Wars I and II.

Main Street Sidewalk

The sidewalk along West Main Street.

West Main Street

Looking westward at the north side of West Main Street.

311 East Main

The Queen Anne - style structure at 311 East Main Street currently serves as The Oaks Victorian Inn.

596 Depot Street

Cambria Emporium Antiques occupies this historic structure at 596 Depot Street, near the old train station.

599 Depot Street

More classic storefronts are found at 599 Depot Street.

Christiansburg Depot

Christiansburg's old Norfolk and Western railway depot, also known as the Cambria Station, retains its original striking Italianate form.

Commerce and Hickok Streets

Looking southeast across the intersection of Hickok and Commerce Streets. Near here, and on the far side of the street, was the location of Timothy Mitchell's photography studio during the 1850's, according a comment made at this location around 1959 by his daughter Dora Mitchell Farrior.

Historical Marker: Lewis-McHenry Duel

Lewis-McHenry Duel

From the historical marker at Main Street and South Franklin:

In this town occurred the duel between Thomas Lewis and John McHenry in May, 1808. This was the first duel with rifles known to have taken place in Virginia. It resulted in the death of both men. Dr. John Floyd, later Governor of Virginia and member of Congress, was the attending surgeon. This affair contributed to the passage in January, 1810, of the Barbour Bill outlawing dueling in Virginia.