American Country Houses of the Thirties
by Lewis A. Coffin

American Country Houses of the Thirties (Dover Publications)

Unabridged Dover (2007) republication of American Country Houses of Today, 1935, originally published by the Architectural Book Publishing Co., New York, 1935. 104 black-and-white illustrations. iv+152pp. 8.25 x 10.875 inches. Paperbound. ISBN-10: 0-486-45592-0. ISBN-13: 978-0-486-45592-1.

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From the Book Cover

About 1912, a renaissance of interest in early American architecture occurred that claimed the attention of a broad cross-section of the culture. It was demonstrated not only by being a popular topic in books and magazines, but also by the public's passion for collecting American antique furniture, and by students and architects traveling through different regions of the nation and photographing the most notable architectural examples. In the 1930's, the classic constructions from this earlier time mingled with the new materials and efficient designs, and the great American country house was born.

This treasury showcases some of the finest American country houses produced during that unusually fruitful period. Culled from many of the best architectural firms of the time, the volume includes numerous detailed floor plans, lively sketches, and breathtaking photographs of exteriors and interiors. From simpple cottages to functional family homes to sprawling estates, a wide variety of styles is represented. Celebrating the stately form, quiet technique, and balance and simplicity that is at the heart of every well-built American country house, anyone interest in history, art, and architecture will find in this collection an inspiring vision.

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