The Sims Investigation

The William and Matoaka Whittle Sims Family

William E. Sims

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Matoaka Whittle was a daughter of the "first families of Virginia." Willie Sims was equally well-positioned within the aristocracy of South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi. However, their marriage immediately after the Civil War apparently presaged a clash rather than a melding of social cultures, and was the beginning of over two and a half decades of political and personal turmoil, which eventually had national and international implications.

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The Sims Family's Home

Sims-Mitchell House

Architectural Information

Built in 1875, the Sims house was among the first of Chatham's large post-Civil-War Victorian homes, and the only one of them to be built in an antebellum style. For over a century it was the largest residence in town. It was probably the first of Chatham's homes to be built with the assistance of rail delivery of materials, and with fireplaces designed to utilize rail-delivered coal. It is the only Italian Villa within the town, and is possibly the only building remaining in Virginia constructed with flat siding of shortleaf pine lumber. (Camden, an Italian Villa on the Rappahannock River at Port Royal in Caroline County, has shiplap siding of cypress.)

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